Miquela’s Invisible Disabilities Fundraiser

Miquela’s Invisible Disabilities Fundraiser
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I’m Miquela and I’m a brain injury survivor, advocate for more awareness and less stigma, and supporter of persons with invisible disabilities everywhere. This month I’m fundraising for Same You, using proceeds of sales of Bath & Body products from my store’s Arbonne Botaniques collection. I picked this line because any and everyone can use it, it’s our most affordable bath & body range, and a personal favourite. 100% of proceeds of all sales to my Clients and Preferred Clients will go to Same You. I selected this organization because their purpose is to provide access to neuro-rehabilitation to survivors of brain injury and stroke and I wouldn’t be alive today had I not had access to health resources by luck. More fundraisers to come, this is only the beginning!

By Anonymous

First published on 10/2/2019


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