Temporal Trend in CAF Index

Temporal Trend in CAF Index
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The above graph represents the trend in Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) index over the past 5 years. This index ranks countries based on 3 criteria; the first is helping a stranger, the second is donating money and the third is volunteering time. Surveys are conducted throughout many countries to determine the percentage of each population that fits these criteria and then ranks them according to their average score. This chart focusses on 4 of the countries represented in the top 10 ranked countries for 2018, two high income and two low income countries (Myanmar was chosen as one of the low income countries as although it was ranked the lowest of the top 10 in 2018, for the preceeding 3 years it was ranked number 1). From this temporal trend we can see that the values have merged closer together since 2014 with the range falling from 13% to 5%. It is evident that Australia and Indonesia have both increased their charitability since 2014 whereas the USA and Myanmar have both decreased. Source: https://good2give.ngo/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/World-Giving-Index-2019.pdf

By Isaac RA

First published on 11/28/2019


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