Beds Spaces in Public Health Facilities

Beds Spaces in Public Health Facilities
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The Pie Chart above shows the percentage of bed types in various Public health facilities around Lagos State. These are all hospital beds which are regularly maintained, staffed and immediately available for the care of admitted patients. Inclusion
: Beds accommodating patients where the principal clinical intent is to do one or more of the following: manage labour (obstetrics), cure illness or provide definitive treatment of injury, perform surgery, relieve symptoms of illness or injury (excluding palliative care), reduce severity of illness or injury, protect against exacerbation and/or complication of illness and/or injury which could threaten life or normal functions, perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
. Exclusion
: Beds allocated for other functions of care (such as rehabilitation, long-term care and palliative care). Surgical tables, recovery trolleys, emergency stretchers, Beds in wards which were closed for any reason. Statistics: There are 3,487 beds in total, out of which 75% (2622)of the hospital beds are adult beds, 17% (579)Cot, 5% (163)Cradles and 3% (123) incubators. Summary: The number of Incubators and cradles are very low, though they are not frequently used like Cots and adult beds but they still need to be increased Source: (Who provided the data)

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First published on 9/28/2019


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