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A area chart is used to represent a series of data points over time and is generally used to show trends. Area charts are an easy way to visually represent a lot of data points on a single chart. Area charts can also have multiple areas..

Try our free, powerful online Area Chart maker. Generate your own online Area Chart and share it or embed it on your website with ease.

Features of the Area Chart Maker

You can create a great data visualisation in minutes using our free online graph maker. Share your chart directly to social media or embed your chart into your website. Once your chart is embedded on your website, any updates you make to it will be reflected in real time. This means you can save time.

Here's how to make a great Area Chart

Click ‘Make a free Area Chart chart’ for your free instant online chart. All you need to do now is add data! Type or paste your data into the editor for short data entries. If you have an excel spreadsheet you can copy and paste directly or drag your file to upload it. If your data is in a google sheet you can link your sheet directly for instant chart creation. Add your data sources and a short description to your chart to explain how you created your visualisation. Remember to update the title and the colours to personalise your graph/chart.

Area Charts other people have generated

Other people have made these cool charts using our online Area Chart maker.

Make a free Area Chart that keeps in sync, whenever you place it

Our online graph maker can create Area Charts which update in real time. It’s the perfect free data visualisation tool for those that need to work with live data.

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